This is a simple course that will allow you to identify your main adaptive styles and take the initial actions to transform unhealthy and unconscious patterns. Although it's simple, it can trigger deep movements withing yourself.

What do you get in this course?

3 amazing PDFs
4 stages perfect grounding exercise.
One key exercises for each style.
10 common behaviors that are just a protective strategy.

A video overviewing developmental trauma and the adaptive styles

A quiz to help you identify your adaptive styles 

Suggested reading specific for each style 


Discover the adaptive styles that are more prevalent in your life and learn how to start changing them.

Course format

In the free version you have access to the whole course for 2 months.
You should need 1 hour to finish the whole course

In the paid version you will support us in creating courses like this and your access to the course never expires.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Hello and welcome!

    • Welcome video

    • Word of caution

    • About the course and Suggested reading

    • What is your adaptive style? Take the quiz

    • Let's talk about this

  • 2

    Overview of the adaptive styles

    • Overview of developmental trauma and the adaptive styles

  • 3

    Exercises (or what do I do now?)

    • 4 stages perfect grounding exercise

    • One key exercise for each style

    • Can you support us?

  • 4

    Bonus material

    • Behaviors and Attitudes that are just a protective strat

    • Choose a topic

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Master in Clinical Psychology, Body Psychotherapist and T.R.E lv II

Fernando Aguiar

Fernando Aguiar is a Brazilian experienced Core Energetics therapist and TRE Level 2 practitioner with a Master degree in Clinical Psychology. He is passionate about supporting people in their life changing and transformation process; his gift is to help people deeply connect with their soul and life force. Fernando is a researcher who have presented in scientific conferences around the world and published in scientific journals. He works with individuals and groups, offers supervision and teaches at the Core Energetics training in Brazil and Holland. Author of the book: Surrendering to the Flow of Life: beyond character defense structures.

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