This course was created to make available my lecture presented at the 2016 Core Energetics Convention 

Within and Beyond the Character Structures

What the character structures really are? What’s beyond them? How to use them to go beyond?

What happens when they cease to exist? How can I consciously move my energy into a reality that’s beyond defenses?

How can I help others do the same?

You might think that moving beyond defenses is exactly what we all have been doing as Core Energetics’ therapists. And you are right! What I want to present, is beyond that. I will share the current results of three years of intense research and exploration of my body’s energy system, the character structures, the depths of the Lower and Higher Self and the layers of reality. Through full acceptance, conscious intent,surrender and openness we can reach our full potential.

In this course you will find:

  • Lecture (55 minutes long);
  • PDF with the powerpoint presentation

Special Thanks 

To everyone who organized the conference, specially Ivan and Nicoleta and their awesome Italian team.
To all the amazing people who shared their wisdom and knowledge.
To my dear friend Thais Queiroz who helped me with the videos.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • First words

    • How to use this platform

  • 2

    Within and Beyond the Character Structures, by Fernando Aguiar

    • Abstract and Fernando's brief CV

    • Video

    • Presentation slides

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Master in Clinical Psychology, Body Psychotherapist and T.R.E lv II

Fernando Aguiar

Fernando Aguiar is a Brazilian experienced Core Energetics therapist and TRE Level 2 practitioner with a Master degree in Clinical Psychology. He is passionate about supporting people in their life changing and transformation process; his gift is to help people deeply connect with their soul and life force. Fernando is a researcher who have presented in scientific conferences around the world and published in scientific journals. He works with individuals and groups, offers supervision and teaches at the Core Energetics training in Brazil and Holland. Author of the book: Surrendering to the Flow of Life: beyond character defense structures.

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